"Science and technology to rejuvenate the nation, industry to serve the country" is the original intention of Xinghui. We take "focus on green and energy-saving high-tech industries and build leading enterprises in new material application" as our corporate vision, and continue to innovate and focus on brands on the road to revitalizing China's intelligent manufacturing industry Service, continue to create value. As a private enterprise, Xinghui pays attention to the construction of corporate culture, and always pursues "let the enterprise have courage and let the products speak". Our employees always hold gratitude and awe, using safe and reliable quality products and honest and efficient services. Repay customers and society.

In 2023, Xinghui will be listed, and the new journey will give a new mission!

Xinghui people will not forget their original aspirations, keep their mission in mind, adhere to the concept of innovative development, promote the manufacturing of new energy materials and industrial upgrades, do business with solidity and mindlessness, do a good job and become a strong enterprise, and move steadily on the road to achieve high-quality development!

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